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Meet Your Call Committee

BR: Justin Pomietlarz, Gary Szakmary,
Dave Brace,
FR: Paula Bradley, Beth Pellnat, Lynn Glieco,

and Youth Representative

Mike Ruggeri

May 25, 2012

Bishop Jerge has submitted the name of a second pastoral candidate to the Call Committee. We are very excited to begin moving forward with the call process throughout the coming weeks, which will include meeting the candidate, hearing them preach at a neutral site, and an interview. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we begin the next phase of this journey.
If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the
 Call Committee.


March 25, 2012

In an effort to assure that the congregation is up to speed on the progress of the Call Committee, we would like to share the following information. We had the pleasure of interviewing a candidate and watching him preach locally. After prayerful consideration, the committee unanimously decided to decline this candidate's application. We have communicated our decision to the candidate and the Bishop and are prepared to continue the process as soon as Bishop Jerge is able to provide us with another candidate. We appreciate all of the supportive words that members of the congregation have shared with us, and ask for your continued patience and prayers.


Update on the Call Process, March 11, 2012

The Call Committe e is in the process of reviewing a Pastoral Candidate. The candidate was Bishop Jerge's first suggestion, and will be preaching at a local neutral pulpit in the coming weeks. The Call Committee will be interviewing the Pastor following the neutral pulpit. We are excited about our first candidate, and have met to develop an interview questioning strategy that we feel most reflects our congregation's comments and concerns as well as the work of the MSP Committee.

Please keep the Call Committee and its process in your thoughts and prayers as we move forward.

A copy of the Ministry Site Profile is available by clicking on this link.

A Message from the HTLC Call Committee
(Updated on September 26, 2011)


Dear Fellow HTLC Congregants,

The Call Committee conducted its first meeting Saturday last. We spent the majority of the time familiarizing ourselves with each others' experiences and perspectives, discussing our emotional reactions to the rapid succession of changes that have recently taken place, and detailed how we can best be of service to you, our beloved community we call Holy Trinity. We began in prayer, and through discussion, discovered many complex layers of connection between each of us - we sincerely left feeling that the spirit of God had brought us together to serve in this capacity.



We agreed that it is of utmost importance that we as a congregation all take the time to respond to the recently distributed survey. It will help both the Profile Committee and our Call Committee clearly illustrate what direction we as a whole wish to proceed. As your representatives, this information will guide us as we begin to look at potential pastoral candidates. We will be posting two bulletin boards in the church with our pictures and our contact information. Should you have any thoughts, questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch with any of us. You should know that the committee has also agreed to a policy of open dialogue, so your thoughts will be shared, albeit anonymously, within the committee. It is the only way that we feel we can proceed with honesty, open-mindedness, and faithfulness to the needs of the entire congregation.



 It is an honor and a privilege to serve you. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.


 Faithfully yours,

 Mr. Justin T. Pomietlarz,

 Call Committee Chair




“Time of Transition”
(Updated on September 14, 2011)

Members of the Call Committee, the Ministry Site Profile Committee and the Executive Church Council members met with Bishop Marie Jerge on Wednesday, September 7, 2011.  Bishop Jerge explained the Call Process and reviewed a potential time table for calling a new pastor. 

The Ministry Site Profile Committee is immediately beginning its work by collecting information to prepare a congregational profile. Once the profile committee has compiled the required information then the Bishop and other Synod staff review the profile which will be made available on the web for all potential pastoral candidates to read.  The tentative completion date of the Congregation Profile is the end of this year. 

Once this document is available for publication, the Bishop's staff will begin its work of looking at candidates who best fit the needs and desires of the people at Holy Trinity.  The Bishop hopes to have a candidate to meet with the Call Committee by the middle of February 2012. 

During this time of transition we should be praying constantly about our mission at Holy Trinity asking for God’s guidance.  In addition, we need to uphold the members of the Congregation Profile Committee and the Call Committee in prayer as they work toward fulfilling God’s purpose in the calling of a new shepherd for Holy Trinity Church.




“Time of Transition”
(Updated August 16, 2011

The Call Process is a unique and prayerful way by which a congregation in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America engages in a time of thoughtful assessment and spiritual discernment of the way God may be drawing a Pastor and a congregation for mutual ministry for the sake of the mission and ministry of the church.  The first step in this process is the formation a Call Committee and a Congregation Profile Committee.  The committees are composed of a cross section of active members of Holy Trinity Church.
After prayerful consideration the following members of our church have consented to serve our congregation:
Call Committee:
Dave Brace, Paula Bradley, Lynn Glieco, Beth Pellnat, Justin Pomietlarz,
Michael Ruggeri and Gary Szakmary

Profile committee:
Paul Bauchle, Marie Battaglia, Charmaine Kaltrider, Don Miller,
John Schleifer, Sherilyn Smith

The committees will meet with Bishop Jerge next month to share the vision for Holy Trinity.
Please remember to pray for these committees as they seek God’s discernment in calling a new
Pastor for Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.


You can read more about the call process at the ELCA website at this link:


There are documents associated with the call process that are available at the Upstate New York Synod website at the following link: